Research and Strategy

Through the provision of bespoke knowledge, informed opinion and applied analytical research methods, Frontier Advisory assists clients with their business decisions and strategies to expand into frontier and emerging markets. We thus help our clients build their competitive advantage in emerging markets
Frontier Advisory’s dynamic and international team has research and consulting experience across a number of geographies, with a particular emphasis on sub-Saharan African economies. Our firm possesses the long-term relationships, market understanding and operational experience in these markets that allows the firm to strategically position clients’ businesses in new territories.

We assist our clients to:

•  Inform the internationalisation of their businesses
•  Understand the new sectors and environments of business in which they enter
•  Get to grips to understanding risk and how to mitigate it in frontier & emerging economies
•  Effectively navigate the complexity of new markets
•  Maximize the prospects for commercial success in prioritized markets
•  Better compete in an increasingly globalized world



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