Strategies & Scenarios

Rapid globalisation has resulted in unprecedented pace of change and high levels of uncertainty. Companies no longer face competition from within their industry but also from companies in unrelated sectors. Megatrends such as the rapid development of technology and innovation, the rise of frontier and emerging markets, new competitors, and the role of government are having a significant impact on companies and organisations.

Through our bespoke Strategies & Scenarios engagements, Frontier Advisory’s thought leaders challenge conventional thinking and traditional models. By doing so, we assist companies to adapt to changing geo-economic conditions in order to enhance their strategic planning capability and ultimately their competitiveness. All Strategies & Scenarios engagements are designed to deliver innovative results and immediate impact. The engagements can be tailored as boardroom engagements with executive teams or as keynote addresses for a broader audience.

Key Objectives of Frontier Advisory’s Strategies & Scenarios Sessions include:

•  Challenge conventional thinking of management
•  Enhance strategic thinking within the organisation
•  Increase the competitiveness of individuals and the organisation
•  Assist organisations to refine their strategies
•  Stimulate courageous conversations


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The KwaZulu-Natal Agri-Industry and the Building of Trade and Value Chains into the Markets of Africa

Durban, 25 February 2016