Video: Dr Martyn Davies on Outlook for Africa in 2014

Commodities Rout Erases Billions from Africa's Biggest Fortunes

By Devon Pendleton and Marcia Klein, 3 August 2015

GROWTH OUTLOOK: Under pressure

By Claire Bisseker, 30 April 2015


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Africa Outlook 2016

21 January 2016, Deloitte Place, Woodmead, Johannesburg, 08h00-16h00

The annual Africa Outlook conference has become recognized as the leading foresight event evaluating emerging trends in the African continent.

A new Africa is emerging – one that is no longer propelled by inflated oil and commodity prices. Can Africa’s growth be divorced from commodities? Growth may remain robust in comparison to most other regions but according to both the IMF and the World Bank, the economic outlook continues to weaken. Global headwinds include China’s growth “recalibrating”, lack of a recovery in the European market and a deceleration of the BRIC and other emerging market economies. How will slowing growth impact the politics of Africa? Will Africa continue to democratize or will economic pressures result in a reversal of positive governance trends in select African countries in 2016? Security concerns remain, especially in Nigeria, Libya and Kenya and often spills over into neighboring states. But what of new technologies and private entrepreneurship that is creating new business models and innovative commercial practice at the so-called “bottom of the pyramid” in Africa’s frontier markets?

Is Africa a developmental challenge or a commercial opportunity? Regardless, South African and multinational companies continue to capture and consolidate their businesses in the region. Is business opportunity thus increasing or diminishing for firms seeking to enter and operate in the African business environment?

Join Frontier Advisory Deloitte at the Africa Outlook 2016 as we address the economic, governance and political prospects for Africa in 2016. Joining us are leading thought leaders and practitioners active in building businesses in Africa.



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Durban, 25 February 2016